Pinball Evolution

Pinball Evolution 1.1

Pinball simulation for your mobile


  • Impressive graphics
  • High quality sound effects
  • Engrossing gameplay


  • Only three tables

Very good

If you're a big pinball fan but can't be bothered to drag yourself down to the local arcade, it might be worth installing Pinball Evolution on your Pocket PC.

Pinball Evolution is a fab looking pinball sim for your mobile, which plays almost like the real thing. The game includes three different table layouts - a ship, a factory and, my personal favorite, a motocross course. Each is lovingly rendered in great detail with superb sound effects and background noises.

If you're into pinball in a big way then you'll be pleased to hear that Pinball Evolution includes multi-flippers and multi-ball support, along with power-ups such as multipliers, bumper attacks and points busters. There's even a multi-directional touchscreen tilt built into the game.

Pinball Evolution is fairly customizable too - you can tweak the graphics and sound settings, as well as defining your own control keys.

It's great fun to play and looks great, I just wish Pinball Evolution had a few more table designs.

Pinball Evolution


Pinball Evolution 1.1

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